Why Has Nothing Changed in the New Year?

New Years can be such fun—the parties, the excitement, the resolutions, the noisemakers and anticipation. The expectation of taking everything good from the old year into the new one without any of the bad. Somehow, things seem like they’re going to be better just because. And sometimes they are. But more often than not we’re sadly disappointed that nothing changes. Read the rest of this entry »

A Wonderful Gift, Lots of Excitement, and A Costly Mistake

Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant statesman, scientist, printer, and a really sharp guy. In his newspaper “Poor Richard’s Almanac,” he often published witty sayings that Solomon would have appreciated. One of those was “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Read the rest of this entry »

Seasons Greetings from our Board of Directors

Because Abiding Word Ministries provides free counseling sessions to anyone without the ability to pay, financial assistance is needed to continue this ministry. Approximately 90% of those counseled are provided the counseling free of charge. It costs between $500-$750 to counsel an individual through all ten sessions. To carry out the goals of the ministry in changing lives for the better, we are asking for you to partner with the Abiding Word Ministries. Read the rest of this entry »

Being Thankful. Seriously?

We may have also heard people sarcastically saying “thanks a lot” when something bad happens in their life. Somehow, it seems intuitive to be thankful when things are going our way. But where is God when they’re not going our way? Are we supposed to be thankful when things are tough? Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Horrifying Words Ever Spoken

Imagine the absolute horror of hearing the Lord Jesus say  “go away from Me, you have worked on the side of evil.” Imagine hearing that as a person who has been in church every time the doors were opened their entire life, sung in the choir, gone on mission trips, tithed, and done many wonderful things. Yet, there had been no relationship. Read the rest of this entry »

Deep Holes, Strong Currents, Slippery Rocks and a Really Short Prayer

Labor Day Weekend is when many families take one last trip to the beach before the school year begins. Most beach goers are familiar with the signs on some beaches that warn of unseen hazards such as deep holes, dangerous currents, and slippery rocks.   These are perils of nature which lie invisible beneath the surface. One can be standing in perfectly calm water and be one step away from an unseen hazard that can quickly end in disaster.   Read the rest of this entry »