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Help Abiding Word Ministries make a difference

Holiday Blessings Everyone,

Recently, we’ve posted insights written by Vic Smith of Abiding Word Ministries on how to cope with the stressful holiday season. Hopefully these insights have given you a better understanding of its purpose and Vic’s role. In the event you chose not to, I would like to explain what the ministry does.

Abiding Word Ministries, through the services of Vic Smith, is a biblically-based counseling ministry, helping anyone, regardless of finances, to better understand and overcome life’s challenges using God’s word and principles as the cornerstone. The counseling is face to face with Vic, normally conducted over six to eight, one-hour sessions.

To ensure more meaningful progress, background information is requested before counseling begins. Counselees are given homework assignments during the counseling period. I urge you to listen to testimonials of people whose lives were changed for the better through Abiding Word Ministries. God’s work is wonderful!

During 2016, approximately 185 people were directly counseled. Counselees included people with depression, fear, worry, anxiety, broken marriages, spousal abuse, loss of jobs and other unexpected situations counselees. Just having someone you can talk to during these times is a blessing.

Because Abiding Word Ministries provides free counseling sessions to anyone without the financial resources to pay, financial assistance is needed to carry out the ministry. It costs approximately $300-500 ($75 per session) to counsel an individual through the entire six to eight sessions. This cost includes counseling materials and books.

Additionally, the ministry occasionally offers gas cards just to enable the individuals to have transportation to the sessions. At other times, meal cards are provided to people obviously in need of some type of nutrition. Approximately 95% of those counseled are provided the counseling free of charge.

To carry out the goals of the ministry in changing lives for the better, we are asking for your help. As you review your year-end giving for 2016, would you consider Abiding Word Ministries as a partner?  A gift of $75 dollars, covers the cost of a counseling session for someone in need. $300 provides the total tuition for an entire counseling course.

Any amount is greatly and humbly accepted.  Together we can make a difference. It goes without saying that your prayers are also very essential and appreciated.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the ministry, you may contact me directly at 404-310-1991 or I thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


Bruce Bolick

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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