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What NOT to do in times of loneliness & despair

1 Samuel 21 records a time a very sad time in David’s life when in deep loneliness and despair his faith wavered. He left his throne as king and tried to escape the pain by deceitfully turning to man for help. He was offered and took Goliath’s sword, the very weapon of the great enemy over whom God had already given him victory. The results were tragic.  If only he had turned to his God who had delivered him from trouble so many times before.

How sad are the times in our lives when in times of loneliness and despair our faith wavers and we are tempted to escape the pain by turning to the world for help and are offered its weapons of secular humanism, often with tragic results.  If only we would turn to our Lord who has delivered us from our troubles so many times before.

Perhaps this is why David later wrote Psalms 1:1-3 of where not to look for hope and help, where to turn instead, and the promises therein.  Perhaps we can learn from his mistakes and when times are good ask our Lord to help us put in place one or two Godly friends as our “go-to” people when times are tough, confident that they will offer us the very real hope and help of God’s Word, His Sword of the Spirit.